Low Miles , Good Condition
  We Sell good working used bicycle "that might not look as
      good as they work".These can vary from simple 
  basic transportation, to nice working, good looking bicycles
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                Note:       To all who buy used bikes from us, most bicycle sold are, what we call "Basic transportation bikes"
                               They are sold under the  pretense of  "as is"  bicycles. This means a "basic transportation bikes" 
                                under $120.00 will have little to no warranties.

             Although~  If someone finds an issue with a bike that cause the bike not to work correctly when buying 
                               or shortly after the sale, that wasn't the riders fault do to abuse, misuse, neglect, or even
                                normal wear and tear, we will try to make things right for you. (NO warranties on tires and tubes)

           Remember" ~~~ Selling "Basic transportation bikes" is only a small sideline part of my business, trying 
                                       to help folk who need a way to travel faster and easier without spending a lot of money.
                                      These are NOT new bikes and they will not look new or work like new.
                                                                             "They Just Work"

                 PS:               All bikes are coming with a working set of brakes and reflectors to keep things safe. 
                                Although some of the lower priced bicycles may not have all of its original features.                     
                                Bicycles do NOT come with lights in the USA, but it is a law in many towns to have
                                a head light and a tail light, at night. Please ride safe, and don't get ticketed. 
                                                                             "Its safer that way"

 If you are interested in buying a use bicycle from me, here's what to do.
 First look over the example pictures at the top of this page. Decide on
 what your price ranges is. Then send me an Email with your needs and
 price range. I will then send you picture of bikes in stock that match
 your descriptions. Then you can send us back a conformation Email of 
 the one you may want, and we can make arrangements to get you the
 bike. Or if you would rather speak on the phone, include your phone
 number in your conformation Email and I will call you and explain all
 you need to know over the phone. Be sure to include a good time to call
Huffy Mt. bike $65
Trek Road bike, works well ,,but has bad paint $ 70
​Roadmaster MT. bike $65
Low-cut lady's bike  $60
mens Schwinn hybrid  $70
lady's Schwinn  $70
lady's Huffy Mt bike  $65.
Huffy Mt bike NEW  $89
Hyper full Suspension NEW $89
boy's Huffy Mt bike  $60
"Fixie" bike  $70
Huffy beach cruiser NEW $79
Basic lady's beach cruiser $50
lady's Beach Cruiser  $60
men's Huffy  $55
Trek Racer  $80
Schwinn 29'er $95