Worksman's   "Team Trike"
      $ 399. 
 Rent by the   week $200
Local Delivery only
            (Cape May to Ocean City)               
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        Schwinn, "Town& Country" 3 seater, Tandem 
                          $ 2000. (Not pictured)
   Surrey #25 ~ selling for $699 (pictured above) ^ 
     In good working order with good brakes & 4 good tires
 This surrey's low pricing is based on it's cosmetic appearance (surface rust) 
PS: Head light and tail lights DO operate but are NOT suitable for night riding (dawn to dusk only)
Italian surrey are considered the best in the world. 
These 3 surreys listed do not have a perfect finish but are in GOOD working order.  
 Surrey # 11  Comes with, Very bright head lights, Tail lights, Turn signals, 
   4 way flashers, 5 Speed Gears (driver side only), Over sized drum brakes, 
 4 Stainless Rims & spokes, front child carrier, with 4 good tires, bell & mirror
 NEW Battery & new charger are included with surrey #11    $1099.  
​    Surrey # 27  Rear drum brakes, 4 good tires, front child carrier, bell, stainless steel rims, BRIGHT head lights/tail lights/rear safety flashers  & battery  $875  PS: battery charger NOT included  ($20 option, $875 + $20 = $895   
 "BLUE" still available
Surrey #27
Surrey #27
Surrey # 25
Surrey #27